Sardegna Urban greening
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Our project takes into account the few existing urban voids in the mesh is very dense in the city of Alghero. In particular, we propose a revision with the inclusion of their green. The biggest change is made in Piazza Sulis, where we make a park with various functions including playgrounds for children, an area where you can set up events, concerts, food and a square, situated near the hotel school in which will play festivals and tastings. Within the park are rehabilitated three buildings, a school for artists, in whose back is a large space for the display of works of art created by students, the tower Sperone is made within which an exhibition area and a amenity area.

layout of park

The third building is commercial,

Vision of hotel

in front of it there is a large square where people can relax and enjoy a family atmosphere while shopping.The third building is a hotel with some supplemental features such as a bar and restaurant downstairs. It, through a series of canals, leads water from the building to the basement rooms, recycling it and using it to create electricity.Tablets submitted to review by Gian Pietro Piras:

Tablet 1 Tablet2 Tablet3

The water is reused within the hotel and to irrigate the surrounding garden and patio

Urban Greening Alghero

Education Building

Education Building detail