Blue economy - Porto Torres - Startup Companies

The startup companies are, as the definition says, companies that are at the beginning of their activities. Precisely for this, offices of startup companies are housed in a structure containing other services like info point, labs, meeting room, visitor lounge, space for exhibition and cultural events room. In particular, these offices-cells have been inserted in the space between the four silos that house these activities. These cells are oriented according to maximize the sun and the wind; the wall in fact are covered in different way: those exposed to the sun are fixed and covered with a particular material (bio metal, a material that expand or shrinks depending by heat), the other wall are not fixed and allow natural ventilation because of the exposition to winds of mistral. Moreover, each cell is rotated in order to create maximum visual connections between offices and campus: in fact the large openings offers views of the city from this offices-cells. Now I am working on a development for companies that are growing economically, and on indications of Thomas, better air circulation within the entire structure.