Blue Economy - Porto Torres - Labs

I started with 4 rectangles and, studying the SUN and the WIND directions, I oriented my buildings and I give them a precise shape in order to have the south facade in maximum exposition for the sunlight (facades are inclined to catch more sun) in order to allow the growth of the ALGAE on top. Algae are into glass tubes, they grow thanks to the sun light and have 2 main functions: 1. Produce Oxigen, reducing the level of CO2 of the air, through the natural process of photosyntesis. 2. Produce Hydrogen when the cicle of their lives is finished. The Hydrogen is produced in particular and extreme conditions: without food and energy for the algae. This Hydrogen provides energy for all the building.

Each building has a SOLAR CHIMNEY (represented by the skylights at the top) which allows the ventilation without need of air-conditioning systems. The shape of the roofs facilitates the entry of light in all rooms and not to throw shadows on each other.

Every unit is rotated in order to allow better CONNECTIONS between themselves.