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We think the only one possible future for Porto Torres is the green industry: we want to create an industrial and technologic city in the old and empty industrial site that can make itself the energy it needs, in a sustainable way. To do this, the steps are: 1. Reclamation: Algae are used to purify the air with the process of photosyntesis which transforms CO2 in Oxigen. Also algae can be used to produce Hydrogen which provides energy. At the same time, the treatment of these plants produces an enormous amount of biodiesel that can be used in the production of energy. 2. Planning of renewable energies: We need a kind of industry that uses only clean energy sources such as wind and solar power with the help of newest technologies based on knowledge of chemistry, physics and mechanics. 3. Reuse:there will be an excess of energy which can be used in the refining and processing of silicon. The silicon is used, depending on purity, essentially for the production of photovoltaic panels or to build electronic chips.The finished materials would be brought across Europe thanks to the industrial port, one of the most important in Italy for goods traffic. 4. Conversion and integration:The industrial area becomes the city and the city become the industrial area. In this way the two companies will no longer be sharply divided, but on the contrary, they coexist and "feed" each other. There will be a close cooperation and coexistence between industry and cities. This coexistence will prove itself not only without inconvenience (it will be a perfectly livable area), but also enriching for both parties.

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