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Topic _ Blue Economy: The Blue Economy began as a project to find the best nature-inspired technologies that could affect the economies of the world, while sustainably providing basic human needs - potable water, food, jobs, and habitable shelter.

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City _ Porto Torres: The importance of this place is its position: it is situated on the northern Sardinia, on the railroad Sassari-Cagliari, nearly two airports (Fertilia and Olbia) and with an harbor well connected to the rest of the Europe.

Predictions: We think the only one possible future for Porto Torres is the green industry: we want to create an industrial and technologic city in the old and empty industrial site that can make itself the energy it needs, in a sustainable way.

Step of our project:

  1. Reclamation: Algae are used to purify the air with the process of photosyntesis which transforms CO2 in Oxigen. Also algae can be used to produce Hydrogen which provides energy. At the same time, the treatment of these plants produces an enormous amount of biodiesel that can be used in the production of energy.
  2. Planning of renewable energies: We need a kind of industry that uses only clean energy sources such as wind and solar power with the help of newest technologies based on knowledge of chemistry, physics and mechanics.
  3. Reuse:there will be an excess of energy which can be used in the refining and processing of silicon. The silicon is used, depending on purity, essentially for the production of photovoltaic panels or to build electronic chips.The finished materials would be brought across Europe thanks to the industrial port, one of the most important in Italy for goods traffic.
  4. Conversion and integration:The industrial area becomes the city and the city become the industrial area. In this way the two companies will no longer be sharply divided, but on the contrary, they coexist and "feed" each other. There will be a close cooperation and coexistence between industry and cities. This coexistence will prove itself not only without inconvenience (it will be a perfectly livable area), but also enriching for both parties.

Problems: The main problem is the pollution of soil and air

vision 2050 - Porto Torres - Blue Economy:

Is important to make a mental change because we have already the resources and ideas to make our future better.

Campus_ I want to set a campus in the area where workers and researches can live and stay; I focused my attention on common areas and, in particular, on a tipology that I developed. I studied a common language that connects the different areas of the campus.

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Start-Up Offices_ The Start-up companies are offices for activities that are at the beginning. We are talking about enterpreneurs, web designers, web developers and other involved in the ground level of a new high tech venture. Using four existing silos, these offices are rotated and oriented to create maximum visual connections between offices and campus: in other words, the organic organization of these maximizes daylight, wind and view.

RnD Facilities_ The facilities for research and development, are designed as zero-impact buildings. These buildings are self-feeding on energy, water and ventilation. This is made possible by two types of technologies: 1. solar panels combined with a rainwater collection system; this structure plays a dual role: to heat water for consumption, and to cool the surface of the panels for greater efficiency. 2. a system of glass tubes containing algae that purify the air by CO2 and produce hydrogen under certain conditions. This hydrogen is used to produce energy, water and heat.

Edutainment Center_ My tipology works on the education and entertainment: about the first, I relized activities for children through scientific games and a pavillion that reproduces and explain how the campus work. About the second, I relized a mess, a bar and a lounge area.

Algae Farming_ I relized an algae-farm for the production of electricity from the process of decomposition of algae. With my project I would to combine an industrial part with some public: I worked on the energy production (and related healing waters and CO2 disposal) and on the installation of services.

Education and Entertainment

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Blue Economy - Porto Torres - Labs

Blue Economy - Porto Torres - Labs_2

Blue economy - Porto Torres - Startup Companies

Blue economy - Porto Torres - Startup Companies

Functional diagrams of Algae farm

first idea of algae farms

science park

science campus + hydrogen car track and lab

house of the campus

Education and entertainment

Blue economy - Porto Torres - Startup Companies

Research and Development

Plan and Sections_ Research and Development

INFOGRAPHICS_Research and Development


Blue economy - Porto Torres - Startup Companies

Blue economy - Porto Torres - Startup Companies

Blue economy - Porto Torres - Startup Companies

Blue economy

blue economy campus

View of the bue economy campus