Urban Heat Island Effect

Paris Urban heat island effect
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In this revision, the solar chimney's are foreseen as one of the future Eco-friendly solutions for the old traditional buildings.

There is no enough space in this area for cultivating the number of required trees, as to reduce UHI effect. So, many of the buildings has been provided with cool roofing and green roofs.

The extended green walls are provided between the building and the road, these walls are specially skeleton walls, these walls are used for urban farming, algae farming and absorbing the radiation and to cool down the environment too.

There is closed enclosure also built where urban farming is done, and this also cuts the streets into two half as per the city would be more denser in year 2050 where the food could need to be grown in special environment as there would be huge climate change. These also helps in urban cooling process.

The towers would be designed to draft the wind to bottom of the streets and to channel the wind.

Some street structures are also provided to direct the wind to the streets, to cool down the surrounding environment.

The green tram has breaks in the greenery where it meets the bigger roads for the flow of the car.

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THREE ELEMENTSThe three elements which influences the city Paris in terms of UHI