Urban Heat Island Effect

Paris Urban heat island effect
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In this revision, the road is kept same, which is the concrete porous road which helps to reflect the solar radiation and water penetrates the surfaces.

The black building is the skin surface, which is provided to existing building, these are intelligent skin which can be adopted to the requirement of the building.

In the image on left hand corner, the building is provided with additional surface for urban greening to cool the streets, which is decorative structure as well as urban farming can be prominent on these surfaces. Whereas on the right side the building surface has turned into the green wall. So, there are different techniques used for green walls.

To provide the shades there are shading devices which can be seen in the pedestrian area, these structures provides shades on the streets as well as on it's back the plates are provided to collect the solar energy. So, every structure are multiple in function.

Lastly, the use of tube concept transportation is used. This concept was developed in France, and in Paris currently, they are using the transit cycles or public cycles. This tube concept cars are also based on same principle, one can use as private car in the areas where public transport are not available. And it can be docked with tram as well as train, so when in need or have to travel long distance but with greater speed it can be docked in the train. So, in 2050, the transportation system would be more portable and in the mean time flexible too.