Urban Heat Island Effect

Paris Urban heat island effect
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After analyzing various road surface material, finally, the concrete porous would be more suitable and sustainable. As these roads area permeable, which means substances like water can easily passes through it. It requires less maintenance, has long life and high reflective capacity. Most importantly it reduces the global warming.

The second thing is to conserve old traditional architecture, structure and sustainability. The idea of intelligent skin membrane is implemented. The skin membrane is a membrane which can be bought in the market and applied on the any kind of existing facade. It is advanced system of wall paper, as wall paper is used for the internal use only, but this skin membrane be coated such a way that it has high reflectivity or it is stimulated as per the environment condition, if the weather has high temperature, it reacts by providing high reflectivity and vice-versa.

The open space on the right hand side which is a public space, used as the urban farming. The cylindrical unit is a vertical plantation, where trees are grown in different levels to provide the greeneries and to cool down the area. These units also provides shades to the ground where people unite for some open musical, social and cultural programs.