Urban Heat Island Effect

Paris Urban heat island effect
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People are moving in cities,and in future the population of the Paris will grow higher. Increase in population increases the density of the city, infrastructure and other facilities. With increasing infrastructure, the larger portion of land would be covered by the urban fabrics for e.g.impervious surfaces(such as concrete, asphalts and other building materials) which is directly proportional to th e UHI.

Another thing is that high density people increase the Anthropogenic heat emission. Anthropogenic heat is also increasing the UHI in urban scenario.

Climate changes:

Urban Heat Island Effect is one of the major factor which change the climatic condition. The UHI heats up the urban areas than in rural condition and hotter environment faces more hotter degrees in temperature. Paris has hot weather in summer, due to UHI, Paris was stroke by heat wave in 2003. So, the climate change affects Paris.

The three different factors that would influence UHI are:

1) Regional Climate change changes in ecosystem. The change in ecosystem is a vast area where the adoptation of the living beings might be complex things, as small organism like algae, bacterial are faster in adoptation but other plants may not be, so the major changes can be seen in foods.

2) Green house gases.

3) Impervious surfaces (such as concrete, asphalts e.t.c)

4) Urban densification

In my vision, the future city would more deal with ecosystem, and tries to maintain the climatic condition and surrounding environment better place for living. With the increasing in global warming the climates are changing drastically which have a major impact on our lives. To maintain the climatic condition cooler by making urban scenario more eco-friendly and sustainable for living.