Urban Heat Island Effect

Paris Urban heat island effect
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Here, in this image the site, population, climate and other factors which were highly affecting the UHI in the Paris was re-analyzed.

As, the site is located in front of the connecting bridge, the road areas can not be converted into green spaces, so it is one of the major access to other part of the city. The need of road seems to be more prominent.

For the transportation system like flying cars which needs more energy than the any other normal vehicle on the road. So, in the year 2050, we might be dealing with conservation of energy and more alternative and renewable energies, so, these transportation vehicles seems bit imaginary.

As Paris is the oldest city which has not drastically changed from middle ages time, so, the city would like to be preserved in the way it is now with the adaptation of new technologies and functions and life style.

The Europe is predicted to be one of the shrinking continent in world but Paris have slight change in population than present day, so there would be few more buildings. All these buildings would try to have greeneries, or green wall, as it was struck by heat wave in year 2003.

The technologies which we are inventing might take the next level such as electric cars, in these areas there can be breakthrough and could be more advanced. So, the solar trees and poles would replace the street lamps and post which can collect the solar energy at the day time and can lite the lamp post at night. These solar trees are mainly designed as the part of the infrastructure, where the electric cars, or other electronic devices can take energy.

These are the basic vision of the future city Paris.