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Moscow Urban greening
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Moscow 2050 - Urban Greening

I want to show the uses of Moscow as a city with developed infrastructure of municipal services. I propose to maximize the use of road under and diversified economy. I also plan to put a farm on the growth of edible algae.

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This will solve the problem of strong annual growth of the population of Moscow, for which you want to expand food production. In this situation, in which the only out-migration from agricultural regions, it is necessary to make the city self-served food. I think that by 2050 the problem will be solved with the private road that will allow maximum use of road surface. I also propose the installation of femtosecond algae clears air of CO2. Air passes through the tank of algae that retain a carbon dioxide and emit cleaner air, so necessary in an urban environment.

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The same plan, the farm will be located in the airspace, which will help to approach the problem from all sides.

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