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In this revision I am developing previous ideas. I think that the most important detail in this topic is reducing Co2 emission by introducing natural ways of receiving the energy. Another issue is to manage to develop technology in a right direction so that it is not "gadgets" that are doing particular job but complex behaviour of the systems that are integrated with nature.
The underground communicational and transportation system will be highly integrated with the multifunctional UndergroundCity. Private transport that will stay above the ground will be mostly hanged on the monorails.
There will system that can be used in public areas, it will also accumulate sun and wind energy, and at the same time provide shade.
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We can have algae in facades and generate gas out of it for supply energy. For this we will have to provide technologies for the "parasitic" network growth and control of clutching at the buildings facades. Such a technology will be useful for cooling the buildings skins and it can also collect water from the rain, early dew and fog to feed themselves.
Clipping onto the exterior of existing buildings, a series of prefabricated modules serving different functions would be stacked on top of each other, adding a layer of green space for gardening, wind turbines,water collecting or social uses to make new green façades and infrastructures.
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