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The main problem of Moscow is traffic therefore I'm proposing to replace private transport with the high speed trolleybus network. The private transport will be not allowed to enter city center+ all the private transport will be turned to electric powered. This limitation for big cities will decrease the CO2 emission from vehicles. The existing infrastructure will be used as a starting point for the development of transportation system which will include trolley buses, trams, trains, metro. The development of the network will be finished by 2050.

I'm also proposing to create a overpass multifunctional public structures that will be placed on the top level of the trolley-bus lines. This "High-lines" will use top level of the city that is not occupied by any functions but transportation system. I think that the integration of the public function with the new developed transportation system will increase its popularity and usage. The Roof of the High-line is seeing as a pedestrian walkway with the hanged gardens and recreational zones. The gardens on the roof and facades of the High-line will decrease CO2 emission and will minimize structure overheating.

The structure will consist of the modulus elements 60/25m and will be build and connect with each other incrementally starting with trolleybus stations. the result is seeing as a complex network of the multifunctional brunches that will cover the 2nd level of the Moscow streets





3 main things in this vision

energy supply system the transport system trolley bus station