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The main problem of Moscow is traffic therefore I'm proposing to replace private transport with the high speed trolleybus network. The private transport will be not allowed to enter city center+ all the private transport will be turned to electric powered. This limitation for big cities will decrease the CO2 emission form vehicles. The existing infrastructure will be used as a starting point for the development of transportation system which will include trolley buses, trams, trains, metro. The development of the network will be finished by 2050. Maintenance-free solar array will be merged with the powering system for the trolley buses and all the system will work as a giant solar plant. The strategy is to use solar energy for not only trolleys but for surrounding area( street lightning etc.).

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On this vision I am developing previous ideas.

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There technology of making fibers systems that acts as solar batteries will be improved in the next decades. The upper level of the city will be knotted in a sort of artificial spider webs that will accumulate solar energy, and might act as a lightning source at the night time.

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In winter this systems will collect water from melted snow it is going to be used for heating the building.

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We can have algae in facades and generate gas out of it for supply energy. For this we will have to provide technologies for the "parasitic" network growth and control of clutching at the buildings facades. Such a technology will be useful for cooling the buildings skins and it can also collect water from the rain, early dew and fog to feed themselves.

06/03/2011 - 17:50 by Olya Kovrikova

All the public transportation will be moved under the ground. The underground communicational and transportation system will be highly integrated with the multifunctional UndergroundCity.Privat transport that will stay above the ground will be mostly hanged on the monorails. Existing roads will become green public areas. The cars will be powered with electricity. Therefore there will be no need in such an energy sources like oil.

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(Vision 2030 - topic Urban greening by Kirill Tsuman)