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Moscow Water
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Moscow is one of the few cities that is not experiencing issues with water supply. Unlike most cities, and in spite of the growing population, the water consumption has been decreasing in recent years. One key role in this decrease is the appearance of water meters in Moscow apartments. With this turn of events, water becomes more of a social commodity.

In 2050, Dorogomilovskaia street will transform from a transportation highway to a public promenade. Instead of removing the transportation, it will be raised to the next level, allowing the public to walk freely on the main level. The River, which was taken in a pipe and buried, becomes the main axis of the park directing the user towards the city center.The Skin covering the residential buildings can collect rain water in the warmer seasons and be reused for planted trees.

At last consultation I was asked about advertising in the city.I belive that in 2050 advitising will be translated fully into the social network.Because of this, advertising will become a private part of human life.Gadget will carry a lot of features like:navigator,organizer,phone,laptop, camera.

I devided the street in two parts.One part is alloted for transport(public and private).Pods -is a private transport-it is the car of future,developed for Google by studio Mike&Maaike.(ATNMBL is short for Autonomobile, a title that merges Autonomy with the Automobile. Upon entering ATNMBL, you are presented with a simple question: “Where can I take you?” There is no steering wheel, brake pedal or driver’s seat. ATNMBL drives for you. Electric powered plus solar assist, with wrap-around seating for seven, ATNMBL offers living and/or working comfort, views, conversations, entertainment, and social connectedness.)-*see the link


Private transport-mikeandmaaike