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3 main major objects:
1. Green structure such us EVOLO SKYSCRAPER for recycling muddy water.
2. Umbrella for collecting rain water.
3. Portable solar device creates potable water.

The next revision displays on how many can be a scarcity of water of 2050. People would like to buy such device as Solarball or Watercone which produces drinking water for home uses. The main idea of water in the future is water for all live. Environment starts to adapt for the best living conditions of the people in a city.

The basic thought is specified in a scarcity of water of the future. The surrounding architecture will start to be redesign. One building will serve for reproduction water or water storage. Others will incorporate to the first and to reproduce necessary products of ability to people live. Building of new constructions such as Evolo Skyscraper will reproduce fresh water from dirty or salty water.

Topics which influence a water topic:
1. Urban densification. The main problem on a water scarcity all over the world is the big growth of dencity population. The requirement of water increases every day more and more. If peoples becames more then more requirements, and then more agricultural, industrial, applied activity of the people.
2. Urban greening. The green body of a planet has very important role in human life. It can consume water on reproduction of products but also reproduce a water. The good example is water in the wilderness which produce and collect water from plants.
3. Energy. Water is energy. Water is one of the most natural energy sources. One of an example is renewable energy Hydroelectric Energy from falling water.

In my opinion the most important detail of vision of the future it to inform to people that is really important and necessary in our life. To focus such actions as the World Water Day on development of new understanding and the relation to natural resources as water.

Water scarcity - One of the important aspect in our future.

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3 main things
RainWaterUmbrella+Green Structure Water at home. Paris. Water device.