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Paris, La Défense. It is the business center of Paris which is curious to tourists and it is useful to workers of office centers. This area at present isn't connected in any way visually with water. Buildings could be much more useful to people.

First of all it is necessary to note the person consumption of water. To try as much as possible to keep fresh water. As already all over the world many countries have a water scarcity. And my prediction that a climate will be unconditional to change and the water scarcity will come to big cities like Paris.

One of constructive ideas of a kind of this picture is collecting of rain water for economic needs and cultivation of plants on the facades of buildings. I have tried to show some kinds of possible sources of collecting of rain water: one buildings does it by means of umbrellas which established on a roof, others by means of facade systems but function at all is identical. Also there is the adapted artificial flowers which reveal when it starts to rain are shown, thus the certain territory doesn't lose "precious water". Creation of green facades promotes cooling of buildings, it predicts rise in temperature to 2050.

The following important stage is potable water manufacture by an accessible way for everyone. Watercone and SolarBall make potable water by a condensate. Use of some devices specifies in climate change. Also that the person can receive necessary quantity of potable water in very accessible way. Also climate change is displayed on pictures on an example of clouds. They become closer to the ground surface. At the expense of it there are favorable conditions: shading, and also established on roofs of a buildings the device which can get water from a fog or clouds.

And in the end I would like to mention that in the world since 1993 the World Water Day of 22 Marth is have spent. I would like to say that such days are very important for mankind. Because in days like this we can inform people on that, how many water remains in the world and how much it is important for human life. I consider that if to inform the important message to one person -we can inform to hundred. And then people can save The Water.

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