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On this image I tried to show a future of Paris. This is my vision of future sources of energy kind of space elevators, vertical windmills, some solar panels, getting energy from the difference between atmospheric pressure. The main idea of this vision is that in the future will be really more renewable sources of energy, it should be more shade places, because the each summer will hotter (that is why I made there a lot of sheds with double function).

Also here you can see my explanation what and why

Possible sources of energy of the future Explanation of my vision

And this is main question to my project:* - How does the change in climate influence your topic in your city. Please also describe what is the change in climate conditions for your city.

Answer - The climate will become hotter, it will be more sunny days in a year that is why I think that people should make more shade places, because to spend the time in the sun is becoming more difficult. Old buildings will need a double-skin, and for new buildings completely different system of construction.

Climate info* - How does the change in demographics influence your topic in your city. Please also describe what is the projected demographics in your city.

Answer - Now in Paris population is 2,2 million people, and in 2050 it is going to be about 3,0-3,2 million, so density of the city will grow, people people need a place to live, and also Paris will grow.

Demographic info* - What are the 3 other topics that would influence your topics. Please let us know what are the links.

Answer – I think that it would influence to my topic “Water”, “Urban greening” and “Heating Iceland effect”

Urban Heat Island Effect

Urban Greening

water* - What is the most important detail in your vision in regards to your topic. Please present the research that this one is based on (link to wiki page).

Answer – As I sad in my first answer, that it will be hotter and more sunny days, that is why my most important details is a solar panels which can combine several functions. And second thing is a pressure pipe.

difference between atmospheric pressure Wind generator/solar panels Sun protection Grid from power stations