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The mining industry The vast area is home to 10% of local units and employees of the regional mining industry. The changes reported in censuses have resulted in the reduction of the average number of employees per enterprise, emphasizing even more competitive market structure, composed mainly of business of small size.

The manufacturing sector In general, the manufacturing sector remains stable over the decade '91-'01, an increase in the number of local units and a decrease in the number of employees and a decrease in the average size of firms. The sector of Manufacture of machinery and equipment employs 1,636 workers, or 10% of manufacturing sector, and has recorded an increase of 62.2% in the number of local units and 31% of number of employees. The sector of Manufacture of electrical machinery and electrical and optical care 1,654 employees across the Wide Area and has lost about 200 people between '91and 2001, on the other hand, the number local units increased by 14.5%, resulting in a reduction in the average size of firms from 5.7 to 4.5 employees per local unit. In the decade of the Textiles and wearing apparel, tanning Industries and Wood have lost a total of 168 units and 402 local employees. In the decade 1991-2001, it was found that in the first two sectors, textiles and leather industry, the average size of firms has declined, while in the wood sector has increased the average of the employees.

Construction The construction sector undertook, at the end of 2001, 14% of all employees Wide Area, against percentage of 12% recorded in 1991. The table shows that the average size of construction companies in the town of Cagliari greater than those recorded at the provincial and regional level.