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Throughout the retail sector (excluding the auto sector-motion), Cagliari has lost1,301 Employees, with regard to wholesale, we have gone from 2,022 to 3,463 local units in ten years. The wholesalers and brokers of food and agricultural products have decreased in absolute value and the average number of employees, while the other whole salers have increased in number but have lost some charge. The non-agricultural vocation of the territory of Cagliari is also reflected in the number of wholesalers of agricultural raw materials of which the capital was reduced by three quarters in ten years, causing an increase in the absolute number and average workers in the rest of the Wide Area . Hotels and restaurants The hospitality sector reported an increase in the total of 1,310 employees, of which 75% is related to Cagliari. The increase in the number of local units, however, was 34%, 45% made up for by the increase of the capital employed. The capital is home to 55% of the structures present in Area Wide and more than a third of those surveyed across the province. However the business has undergone significant structural changes in ten years, which emphasize the Systemic wide area: in essence, the retail trade is now carried out over large area sat small and diverts resources that resist only if very specialized. The slight loss of employees in the retail sector is connected to the logic of transformation Wide Area in the metropolitan area: the city of Cagliari has registered 77% of total employment lost in the Area Wide, for the benefit of hypermarkets and supermarkets located in the territory.

Other Services It can be said that the services sector growth is derived from the expansion of the Area Wide Fund classified as - Real estate, renting, research and other professional activities and business, for which, between 1991 and 2001, there has been an increase of7,475 employees (+4917 Employees only in Cagliari) and the doubling of the number of local units. In detail, the monetary and financial sector did detect a substantial increase in the number of local units (+54% and +46% Wide Area Cagliari) and a reduction their average size: The average number of employees per local unit was 7.4 in 1991 and became 5.1 in 2001.