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General information

The territory of Area Vasta includes the city of Cagliari e 15 countries divided in:  first belt _ Assemini, Elmas, Monserrato, Quartu Sant'Elena, Quartucciu, Selargius  second belt_ Pula, Villa San Pietro, Sarroch, Capoterra, Decimomannu, Sestu, Settimo San Pietro, Sinnai, Maracalagonis The Area Vasta of Cagliari is inhomogeneous from the point of view of environmental, economic and productive resources, where coexist urban areas, mountain areas and beautiful coast. The 16 countries occupy an area of 1.113 Kmq, the 4,6 % of regional territory, and 24% of the new province of Cagliari. The municipality of Cagliari is only 2% of territory but there is 29% of population of the province. The 30% of provincial population resides in first belt’s countries. The rest of population rappresents the 16% of total. The population density of first belt’s countries is third of Cagliari’s density, with an average of 574,8 pe/kmq. While the population density of second belt’s countries is more or then 123,3 pe/kmq.

Evolution of population in Cagliari

The demographic dynamics has performed in line with the trends that occur both at national and European level. The national population in recent years, has recorded growth rates close to zero in increments supported largely by immigration movements.