andrea carena knowledge building part 1

My idea is based on designing a structure that can be a place of culture in the future, that deals with culture and information in every sense, and above all interact with the community in a decisive manner. A place of knowledge in which all people can go and listen to the lessons, see the projections, present at conferences, as well as shows and performances, a service that goes beyond the school and the university and that is truly public and accessible. The structure has a particular classroom for this "window" on the front of the building, which has several functions: - Show outside the subject matter to allow interested citizens to approach and follow the lesson - To provide a flexible environment that can be used as open space - To conduct lessons through technological advances and projections to 360 ° around the observer

Assuming a change of mobility to a sustainable path, with great use of moving "slowly" on foot or by bike, even the use of services changes. So do not imagine a shift from A to B quickly and directly, but something that comes closest to a walk and then allows more stopping to enjoy the activities and services directly interconnected with the public space.

Another flexible environment consists of a small auditorium that can get rid of the sessions if necessary to level the floor to provide a great space for use as exhibition space. Other areas will be "flexible" with movable walls that allow the shrinkage or expansion of classrooms. The entire building has walls and roof garden, to perform the function of climate mitigation and sustainability and the many benefits that it entails: energy savings, thanks to the characteristic of thermal insulation, air purification, reduction of pollution noise, improvement of urban climate, natural drainage of water, improving the quality of life, increased use of meters ². Besides these, there will be a library also based on digital technology and classrooms for reading and relaxation.

To fulfill the purpose of the project that is developed with the densification, the building will house the student accommodation. This will not only make the best use of the soil, but will optimize the dedicated facilities and will ensure that they do not have to travel to study, since most of them are commuters. The facility will then public places, a cafeteria and on the upper floors housing.