public space-fabrizio masala

My vision of public space in 2050 is influenced by the type of transport. In 2050, the mobility will be environmentally sustainable, private cars will be present but in small quantities and will be the system of car sharing and car pooling, which allow people to travel. The cars will be as stated ecological and all electric powered by renewable energy sources and will be technologically advanced, imagine doing this premise examined in the public space will be all on the same level to create a sort of square which will pass over the car but also the pedestrian-priority areas and no longer a hierarchy according to function. The buildings surrounding the square will relate to and communicate with the space in order to perceive a unique environment and not see the square as a space of separation between buildings. being the square on the same level there will be "barriers" which prevent me from seeing any place of the square so I find I can see 360 ​​°, this to have a social control within the space that will give me security. Currently in this area there is a road, a gas station and the green that I decided not to remove, in fact I added other green areas. To unify the space I thought the covers that put further in relation to the buildings, the position of the cover has been designed according to the exposure: more precisely, I considered three time slots that morning, noon and night in the four seasons. This retractable cover is formed by overlapping panels that shade the steps and create a play of light and shadow, the double floating panels are used to this cover to close completely in the winter season to allow the passage of people between buildings. The roof is equipped with a lighting system powered in two ways: the solar panels perched on the roof itself in addition to eclipse the energy and produce electricity from walking people. I said electricity generated by people walking the floor because of the square is made with a that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy The operating system has already experienced quite simple: every time I stepped on a "power brick", This lights up briefly due to a low-power LED lamp to indicate to pedestrians that they have just accumulated energy and to make them aware of their personal contribution (keep in mind that for the lighting of the lamp uses only 5% of stored). The electricity produced by the pressure of the foot is stored in the lithium battery located inside the tile and can be used immediately or be stored for later use. This system serves more than lighting of the square to create points where you can upload your electric car. The square in addition to producing energy has a rainwater collection system due to the photovoltaic roof that collects and channels water into the tanks from which will be taken and used to irrigate the green spaces within it from which you then.